Next Auction – – Saturday, October 30th, 2021

Hansen’s Towing holds vehicle auctions the last Saturday of every month at 3511 Smith Ave in Everett. Gates open at 8:00 AM for vehicle previews.  Bring a government-issued I.D. card with you (like a driver’s license) to register.  The auction starts at 10:00 AM.  Auction vehicles from our Harry’s and Discount yards in Marysville are hauled to the Everett yard.

You must pay for the vehicle(s) BEFORE you leave or they go to the next highest bidder.
All auction vehicles are sold “As is – Where is.”  “What you see is what you get.”  Vehicles cannot be started or test-driven.  Some may not even have keys.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to get those things resolved after removing the vehicle from the yard.

The auction list will be available the week before the auction, here, and in the Everett Herald, the week before the auction.

Abandoned Vehicle Sale

3511 Smith Ave, Everett, WA  98201

October 30, 2021                             10:00 a.m.

Vehicles will be available for inspection from 8:00 a.m.-to-10:00 a.m., prior to sale.

Hansen’s Towing  (425) 252-2121

1999       Buick Ave                                            ANR7727

1999       Buick LeSabre                                   AQN7074

2003       Buick Regal                                         BTJ3591

2004       Chev Impala                                       BUR8156

2005       Chrys 300C                                          935FYV (OR)

2001       Ford Crown Vic                                 VIN :127350

1998       Ford Escort                                         BIS6544

2000       Ford Escort                                         BMW8369

1986       Ford F-250                                          C63519U

1994       Honda Accord                                   BTY0693

1995       Honda Accord                                   BVV4986

1995       Honda Accord                                   BWG7314

2014       Honda CBR500RA                            2D8593

1985       Honda Civic                                        ATC9052

2012       Mazda 2                                               BIG9660

1997       Mazda 626                                          AHM7515

1982       Merz 300                                             BXY5084

2005       Nissan Altima                                    BTZ7276

1993       Saturn SC2                                          AAL9226

1998       Toyota Corolla                                   259ZKM

2001       Volvo S60                                            BK03175

1989       ZIEMAW Boat Trlr                           4CJ7016 (CA)

0000       Yamaha Wave Runner                  VIN :44E788

0000       Yamaha Wave Runner                  VIN :60J889

Harry’s Towing  (360) 659-7333

1989       Chev Corsica                                      BYD7842

2001       Chev Malibu                                       BOZ1982

1999       Chev Tahoe                                        BGN6303

2002       Chrys Sebring                                    038ZWV

2000       Dodge Intrepid                                 854YGN

1990       Ford Ranger                                       A52042W

1997       Ford Ranger                                       C39661T

1995       GMC Sierra                                         C43800W

1991       Honda Accord                                   AMW9392

2001       Honda Civic                                        BZB2577

2007       Kia Spectra                                         BUK7481

2007       Kia Spectra 5                                     BGS5448

2004       Mazda MPV                                       CAC1469

2000       Mazda Protégé                                 920JHG (OR)

1997       Mitsu Montero                                 BSU8448

2002       Toyota Camry                                    BON3562

2010       Toyota Prius                                       BIH1155

2017       Toyota Prius                                       BNL7097

2001       Volvo XCV70                                      BMR0857

Discount Towing  (360) 653-8643

2002       BMW 325i                                           BUR6815

1999       Chev Malibu                                       648-ZNN

1997       Ford F-150                                          C21194R

2004       Honda CR-V                                       BXM5312

2008       Kawasaki VX1000                             8F1122

2004       Mazda 3                                               BPJ7426

2005       Toyota Scion                                      BYA3995