Next Auction – – Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Hansen’s Towing holds vehicle auctions the last Saturday of every month at 3511 Smith Ave in Everett. Gates open at 8:00 AM for vehicle previews.  Bring a government-issued I.D. card with you (like a driver’s license) to register.  The auction starts at 10:00 AM.  Auction vehicles from our Harry’s and Discount yards in Marysville are hauled to the Everett yard.

You must pay for the vehicle(s) BEFORE you leave or they go to the next highest bidder.
All auction vehicles are sold “As is – Where is.”  “What you see is what you get.”  Vehicles cannot be started or test-driven.  Some may not even have keys.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to get those things resolved after removing the vehicle from the yard.

The auction list will be available the week before the auction, here, and in the Everett Herald, the week before the auction.

Abandoned Vehicle Sale

3511 Smith Ave, Everett, WA  98201

July 31, 2021                      10:00 a.m.

Vehicles will be available for inspection from 8:00 a.m.-to-10:00 a.m., prior to sale.

Hansen’s Towing  (425) 252-2121

2015       Buick Encore                                      PJB226 (OR)

2002       Chev Blazer                                        BLF1726

1999       Chev Cavalier                                     BTZ7311

2014       Chev Sonic                                          BZB6199

2007       Chrys Sebring                                    BDE9809

2005       Dodge Durango                                ADR1195

1993       Ford Explorer                                    BXL9701

2003       Ford Explorer                                    ANT6959

2001       Ford F-150                                          B09676G

2002       Ford F-350                                          CJ23669 (AZ)

2004       Honda Pilot                                        BCB0915

2005       Honda Pilot                                        BAJ3411

2003       Hyundai Sonata                                BNL4237

1997       Jeep Grand Cherokee                   BSH7398

2002       Lexus ES                                               BIS8521

2006       Mazda 3                                               BCD7534

2000       Mercury Mountaineer                  BMR0305

2008       Nissan Maxima                                 758FMK (OR)

2004       Pontiac Grand Am                          BHZ6547

1993       Subaru Legacy                                   BYE1100

2002       Subaru Legacy                                   BYD4583

2001       Toyota Sienna                                   BRW7384

2008       VW Jetta                                             BSJ2436

2003       VW New Beetle                               BTJ7296

2006       VW Passat                                          BZB0877

Harry’s Towing  (360) 659-7333

2002       Audi A-6                                              BXY4064

1993       Chev P/U                                             ‘256028’

1999       Chev Silverado                                  B05750X

1994       Dodge 1500                                        C19241N

2000       Dodge Durango                                BSU0194

2004       Dodge Neon                                      AGZ9661

1977       Ford F-250                                          03376CV

2013       Ford Focus                                          BWW6016

2000       Ford Ranger                                       C81900P

1990       Honda Accord                                   BFS2575

1989       Honda Civic                                        ‘010401’

1998       Mitsubishi Eclipse                           BRR3654

2001       Saturn SC-2                                        300-XRL

2003       Saturn L200                                        ADB5206

1998       Subaru Legacy                                   BGS9506

1993       Toyota Corolla                                   AUJ8447

1968       VW Beetle                                          ABR1142

1997       VW Jetta                                             BMP4788

2006       VW Jetta                                             BAX7892

Discount Towing  (360) 653-8643

2006       Chev Aveo                                          BTR2671

2007       Ford Fusion                                        BUY7301

1999       Ford Taurus                                        BXN0573

1998       Ford Expedition                                BHM8953

2001       Honda Civic                                        BXB0017

2005       Honda Odyssey                                AGA0570

1993       Jeep Cherokee                                 BYE2402

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